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It began with the birth of our child Caledon, to us the most beautiful boy imaginable. The emotions that he bought with him were something completely new. The joy of a healthy baby and the excitement of experiences to come was almost overwhelming. We simply couldn’t wait to introduce him to our loved ones and the world.

Before long we began to seek some dad and son matching clothes for a friend’s party, but nothing was available; similar but nothing matching.

Granted there were some tacky novelty items on the auction websites but nothing which as an adult I would be comfortable in wearing.

We were looking for clothing for a Dad Bod that feels and look great for all occasions without compromise but with a matching child-sized replica.

That is how the idea began, from conception it has taken three years to develop our first collection. All our clothes are designed in the UK with fashion and quality at the forefront of our minds, we have spent time ensuring every detail is right and finding the right manufactures to deliver our high standards. Something special to mark the big occasions but also those everyday events which deserve to be remembered.

Everything we make is with those precious moments in mind. However, for us design and quality are not enough. With the gift of our son came a renewed appreciation for the future of our planet and all of those that call her home. From the outset we sought to create a company which is both environmentally minded and ethical. As such we have visited many different manufacturers and found those which will best partner with our values. We are using only Organic Cotton, environmentally approved dyes and dying methods and have reduced the plastic used in our production and distribution by 80% something we will continue to strive to improve.

By visiting the factories whom we have decided to partner with we have also ensured the working conditions and happiness of the people making our beloved garments.

We hope you love our range as much as we do. With many Choices including Dad and son Matching shirts, Dad and son T-shirts, Dad and Son Polo shirts, Dad and son Matching peaky caps, Beanies, Flat Caps and more.

We create our clothing for you to create the most precious memories that last not just your lifetime, but for your children to remember forever and hopefully, one day, show their children the photograph.

Our products are perfect for Dads to be, Father’s Day, and Gifts for dad.

Welcome to Caledon Club Clothing